Monday, June 27, 2011

Too Long

It has been way too long since I have posted anything on this site. I don't know why as I really do enjoy doing this. So now to get caught up a little (or a lot) So much has happened these many months.

I am about 3 weeks away from having baby #5. This pregnancy has gone so fast!! I am anxious to find out what it is and so is the rest of our family. The girls are hoping for a baby boy to finally join the family. We shall see. I have been feeling pretty good as far as energy, but now I have begun having ligament and back pain. I was having really bad leg cramps during the night but I am now making sure I taking calcium befor bed and that has helped out a lot. So I will have to keep up to date with this excitement.

We also moved recently. We are no longer caretakers of a nature preserve. It is a big relief for the entire family, we seem to spend much more family time together and my hubby seems so much more relaxed as he can do things on his own time. We are living in a farm house with huge barns on 3 acres. Lots of potential for the future. We thought we would miss the nature preserve but I honestly do not!!

I have been working really hard lately on planning out my girls school curriculum already. I want to be more prepared with the new baby on the way so we can have a productive school year despite the distractions that I know will occur with a baby in the house. I am looking forward to what I have planned so far.

Well that is all for now in my limited time.