Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fish and Mushrooms. What to do?

Thanks to my wonderful dad I have been the recipient of many, many pounds of fish over the summer.  I LOVE fish and if it were not for him I wouldnt get any, as my husband is not a fisherman.  We have had several fish fries but with so much fish still in the freezer it was time to get pickling!  Yes that is right, I said pickling.  I pickle fish and it is wonderful.  So I now have the bottom of my fridge lined with several jars that will be read for us to enjoy this weekend.  I hope to eventually share the recipe with you all.

Now on to the mushrooms.  My dad called recently and asked if I wanted some wild mushrooms.  Well duhhhh, of course I want mushrooms.  My dad is not only a good fisherman he is great at seeking out edible mushrooms.  So I figured he would stop by and drop of a few.  I was shocked when he walked in my house with a cooler full of mushrooms.  It took my husband and I over an our to get them all prepared and in bags to freeze.  Some when right in our meals this week and I still have a few in the fridge. 
Here are some pics so you can get a better idea of what I was dealing with. Not that I am complaining one bit.


Last week we learned about volcanoes for science here at our homeschool.  After reading several good books about volcanoes with them I decided to have them build one themselves. 
First we made a dough using flour, salt, and water. 

Second I had them each draw some pictures of houses and landscape to put around the inside of the box, we wanted this to look as real as possible of course.  The empty soup can in the middle will be the center of the volcano.

Then it was time to add the clay.  We realized we added a little to much water because the clay just kept sliding down the can.

But that didn't stop my girls from having fun.

So once the construction was complete we waited for dad to get home from work and then I began filming with my camera.  What happened was unexpected.  I didnt realize what was going on in my 4 year olds mind as I was reading about volcanoes and what happens when one erupts.  In her mind this little volcano we had made was very scary as you will see from this video.

OK I can not figure out how to flip this video but it is too cute not to share so just get over it and tip your head OK.  Thanks.  Oh, did you notice the matchbox cars the girls added for extra effect.