Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fish and Mushrooms. What to do?

Thanks to my wonderful dad I have been the recipient of many, many pounds of fish over the summer.  I LOVE fish and if it were not for him I wouldnt get any, as my husband is not a fisherman.  We have had several fish fries but with so much fish still in the freezer it was time to get pickling!  Yes that is right, I said pickling.  I pickle fish and it is wonderful.  So I now have the bottom of my fridge lined with several jars that will be read for us to enjoy this weekend.  I hope to eventually share the recipe with you all.

Now on to the mushrooms.  My dad called recently and asked if I wanted some wild mushrooms.  Well duhhhh, of course I want mushrooms.  My dad is not only a good fisherman he is great at seeking out edible mushrooms.  So I figured he would stop by and drop of a few.  I was shocked when he walked in my house with a cooler full of mushrooms.  It took my husband and I over an our to get them all prepared and in bags to freeze.  Some when right in our meals this week and I still have a few in the fridge. 
Here are some pics so you can get a better idea of what I was dealing with. Not that I am complaining one bit.

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