Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wild Edibles

On May 8th Jim and Jill Meuninck came to Wing Haven to do a presentation on wild edible foods. It was wonderful. This is the third year that have agreed to come and do a class and I learn more stuff with each visit. It is always interesting and tasty, yes, tasty.

We had everyone join us in the studio for several dishes that included wild edibles in the ingredients. This included things such as dandelions, wild leeks, cattail pollen, stinging nettle, and more. We had cream of wild leek soup, frittatas, waffles, breads with dips, and crackers with pesto. All of these foods included several wild edibles in them. Our entire family loved all of them. The kids didn't even know the waffles were packed with healthy wild edibles.

This year Jim added a lot of information on the health benefits of eating natures bounty.

Once we were done eating we hit the trails of our nature preserve for some hands on identification.

I think everyone enjoyed the presentation. Jim and Jill are great teachers.
Some of the great things about wild edibles is they are free, they are extremely healthy, they are easy to find once you know what to look for. I would suggest that you find someone like Jim to learn from before setting out on your own adventure. There are some dangerous plant out there that you want to avoid. I have learned the best way is to learn one plant at a time and get used to identifying it and using it in foods. Also watch a plant in all stages of its growth. I now have my own little patch of stinging nettle near the garden that we keep growing and will use it this summer.
Thank to Jim and Jill Meuninck,
Great teachers and even greater friends.
To learn more you can visit Jim's website at herbvideos.com

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