Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This is our new dog Belle. She is an Australian Shepherd that my husband rescued from the local shelter. I am amazed that this dog was abandoned as she is very well trained. It is obvious that she was dearly loved at one time. She walks perfectly on a leash, she sits with a hand command (which took awhile to figure out), she speaks, and shakes. I have been teaching her to lay down. She may know this already but I haven't figured out a command that the previous owner would have used. She doesn't like to have me out of her sight, she is my new shadow. This dog is wonderful. About the only bad thing is that she is very old, the vet thinks she is around 9 or 10. But she is in good health and hopefully we will have many years together. I wouldn't have picked any other dog.
Thank you dear husband for not only getting me a dog, but picking such a wonderful addition to our family. If anyone reading this is considering getting a dog, please go to any of your area shelters to find you next pet. You never know you may get a wonder dog like mine.

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