Friday, June 18, 2010

Living Deeply Rooted

The idea of being deeply rooted came to me many years ago. I first wanted to use the name Deeply Rooted Studios as a label for all the crafts I make. Now this name did not come to me just by chance, this name has great meaning to me in a couple of areas of my life. My family life and my christian walk. These two things also blend themselves together as you will see as you read on.

I feel like Bill and I are two trees growing next to each other. As the years pass our branches grow closer and closer to each other and get more and more tangled with each other. This is what is above ground for all to see. The fruit from these two trees is beautiful also. But the greatest thing is what is going on below ground. The roots of the trees used to be really shallow. The slightest wind or storm could make these two trees groan and want to lean away from each other and topple over or even break a branch off occasionally. But over the past few years a change has taken place. These two trees roots have begun to grow deeper into the ground and twist around each other to help each other stand strong. Now when a strong wind or storm comes these two trees just sway together as if dancing and the wind just makes them stronger. Also their roots going deeper in the ground helps them to stand strong in their faith.

The Bible talks about trees growing deep roots in order to bear good fruit. That is what these two trees are now doing. As their roots dig deeper and deeper they are growing stronger and hopefully the fruit they bear will show that they have deep roots.

Four of these fruits are seed bearing by the way and we are praying that some day when these two trees are ready to let go of them they will have deep roots as well.

So this is my story and image behind Deeply Rooted as I am daily trying to live deeply rooted.

8/2/12  Wow this needed a little update.  We added a fruit to our trees a year ago.  So there is now 5.

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  1. Excellent post, have heard this before but always need to be reminded. We have been married almost 29 years, and often the ' winds' of life have ' uprooted us. Thanks much, Gina