Thursday, September 9, 2010

Musical Instruments

Bill and I made a very, very large musical purchase this past weekend. It included about 50 instruments. Some of them are pictured here and there are even more that are not. I am now in the process of finding out more about each instrument and the values of them.

My new Mandolins

This one is a Wynn, I know that Mr. Wynn just recently passed away in August.

Bills new Banjo

There is everything I think you need to build Violins

And here are the 33 violins that were included!!

So now I cant wait to learn to play the Mandolin which I have been wanting to do for a while now and Bill has been wanting to play the Banjo. We will soon be jammin together!!
If you have any knowledge or advice about Violins please let me know. I will eventually be selling most of them.

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  1. If I might make a suggestion, when you photograph a violin, please take shots straight on so the viewer can get a good idea of the relation of the F-holes to the C-bouts. Photos of the back should also be striagt on. It is customary to also have photos of the scroll and detail shots of any damage to the instrument. If the instrument has a label, a photograph of it is also appreciated. You have made quite an acquisition. Take your time going through these items and be sure to enjoy them while in your care. Room temperature and relative humidity should be considerations this winter.