Monday, August 20, 2012

How to Get Your Kids to Clean Up After Themselves..and Like It! book review.

I am later than I wanted to be in writing this post.  Sometimes things just get away from me as I am sure it does all of you at times.

Today I am going to tell you about an amazing book that I reviewed recently.  Now my husband and I are raising 5 amazing daughters.  They each have a heart for God, are caring sweet young ladies.  People are always commenting on how well behaved they are and for the most part when around others they do behave very well.  I have raised them to know what is expected of them with their manners when out in public.  Now that is not to say that at times correction is not needed for some mis-doing!  As they are just kids and will behave like kids and follow their flesh at times.

So what is the problem you may ask.  Well it is all my fault really and I am on a mission to correct it.  I have failed in an area of my child training and that is teaching them to clean up after themselves.  I have never been a very organized person and hate to clean up as well.  So as I said I am the one to blame when I see that they are being disobedient  in cleaning up. 

I was lost in what to do as I had tried so many things.  Until now.  I feel like I finally found a resource that will help me in training my girls in this area of our lives.  How to Get Your Kids to Clean Up After Themselves... and Like It!  by Kim Crandall. This is written in such a great style.  As letters from Aunt June to her niece Emily.  Oh, Aunt June is so wise and patient in her letters to Emily in how to train her children in cleaning up.  It has so much advice and you can start even with older kids if you have missed this as I have.  I feel like I can take these letters one by one and use them as steps in working with my girls.

She says that "Cleaning up should not drive a wedge between you and your children"  I feel that so far this is what it has been doing to me and my girls. 

Here I think is the main point of this book

"  When we discuss kids and cleaning we are really talking about three separate but overlapping ideas:  training them in the habit of picking up their own messes, teaching life skills that will be necessary in the future (like how to mop a floor or how to prepare a meal, and ensure responsible performance of assigned tasks that benefit the family, those things we usually label "chores".  Since they haven't mastered picking up after themselves yet, it seems that would be a good place to start.''  And so begins the journey through this book.  There is so much help and advice here that you just have to purchase it and see for yourself.

If you are struggling in this area of your household as I am then I highly recommend this book.  If you purchase it please let me know and let me know how it is working for you and your family.  I will be posting about how it is working for us so I hope you follow along with me.

Until August 31st the price for this is $7.  This is an instant download E-book and you get several extras along with it.  These include a cleanup rules reference sheet, motivators to make cleanup fun, favorite kid safe cleaning recipes, and favorite resources and freebies.   This is a wonderful price for all the great help you will receive.

You will learn the following and much more

Why Picking Up is Good for Everyone - and how to get that point across to your kids
How Not to Drive a Wedge between You and Your Children
The Two Most Important Ground Rules
How to Establish Your Routines
Preparing to Hand Off Responsibility
The 5 Step, No-Fail Teaching Method
How to Wisely Handle Chores, Rewards & Consequences
The Value of Preparing Your Children when the Unexpected Happens

You can even download a free preview.  My initial review is in this add as well.

One final note this book is being sold by the wonderful people at Homeschool Freebie of the Day, great free resources for homeschoolers everyday.  I have been signed up with the for many years and it is a great resource to have.  Thanks Erkstine family for all you do.

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  1. Love, Love, Love when moms recommend a book with clear guidelines and insight to new ideas. I praise your drive and your desire to teach your girls that true value of being diligent. How precious should it be to us mothers in training our children to be helpmates to their future spouses? I to can admit that there are areas where I struggle too and admitting is the first part of understanding where the problem started and then resolving it. I admire your passion to instill this in your girls. Angel

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